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South-West England, mostly around Devon and Cornwall, by David Fenwick.

Family Index for Saxifragales - Saxifrages, Currants, Milfoils, etc.
Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae)
Bergenia, Golden Saxifrage, Rodgersia, London Pride, Fringe Cups and Piggyback Plant (Bergenia, Rodgersia, Saxifraga, Tellima and Tolmiea.)

Stonecrop Family (Crassulaceae)
Pigmyweed, Stonecrop, Orpine and Navelwort or Wall Pennywort (Crassula, Sedum and Umbilicus.)

Water Milfoil (Haloragaceae)
Water Milfoil (Myriophyllum)

Currant Family (Grossulariaceae). See 'Woody Plants'.

Witch Hazel Family (Hamamelidaceae). See 'Woody Plants'.

Family Index for Saxifragales Saxifrages Currants Milfoils