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Crassulaceae - Stonecrop Family (Crassulaceae Images)
Aeonium arboreum - Tree Aeonium (A)
Aeonium species -1 from Hayle (A)
Aeonium species -2 from Scilly (A)
Aeonium species -3 from Scilly (A)
Aeonium species -4 from Scilly (A)
Aeonium species -5 from Scilly (A)

Crassula coccinea - Red Crassula or Klipblom (A)
Crassula helmsii - New Zealand Pigmyweed (A)
Crassula multicava - Fairy Crassula (A)
Crassula ovata - Jade or Money Plant (A)
Crassula tillaea - Mossy Stonecrop (N)

Echeveria species - Rosette forming succulents (A)

Sedum acre - Biting Stonecrop (N)
Sedum album - White Stonecrop (PA)
Sedum anglicum - English Stonecrop (N)
Sedum confusum - Lesser Mexican Stonecrop (A)
Sedum forsterianum - Rock Stonecrop (N)
Sedum pallidum var. bithynicum - Turkish Stonecrop (A)
Sedum praealtum - Greater Mexican Stonecrop (A)
Sedum rupestre syn. S.reflexum - Reflexed Stonecrop (A)
Sedum sexangulare - Tasteless Stonecrop (A)
Sedum spectabile - Ice Plant or Butterfly Stonecrop (A)
Sedum spurium - Caucasian Stonecrop (A)
Sedum stoloniferum - Lesser Caucasian Stonecrop (A)
Sedum telephium - Orpine or Livelong (N)

Umbilicus rupestris - Navelwort or Wall Pennywort (N)

(N) - Native Wildflower
(PN) - Possibly Native
(A) - Alien or Garden Escape
(PA) - Probably Introduced

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Crassulaceae Stonecrop Family Crassulaceae Images