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South-West England, mostly around Devon and Cornwall, by David Fenwick.

Alliaceae - Onion or Garlic Family (Alliaceae Images)
Allium ampeloprasum var. babingtonii - Wild Leek (N)
Allium cepa - Garden or Commercial Onion (A)
Allium moly - Yellow Garlic (A)
Allium neopolitanum - Neopolitan Garlic (A)
Allium oleraceum - Field Garlic (N)
Allium oreophilum - Pink Lily Leek (A)
Allium porrum - Garden or Commercial Leek (A)
Allium roseum - Rosy Garlic (A)
Allium schoenoprasum - Chives (N)
Allium scorodoprasum - Sand Leek (N)
Allium senescens subsp. montanum - German Garlic (A)
Allium trifoliatum Cirillo - Pink or Hirsute Garlic (A)
Allium triquetrum - Three Cornered Garlic (A)
Allium tuberosum - Chinese Chives (A)
Allium ursinum - Ramsons (N)
Allium vineale - Wild Onion or Crow Garlic (N)

Nectaroscordum siculum subspecies bulgaricum
- Honey Garlic or Bulgarian Onion (A)

Nothoscordum borbonicum - Honeybells (A)

Tulbaghia natalensis - Society Garlic (A)
Tulbaghia violacea - Society Garlic (A)

(N) - Native Wildflower
(PN) - Possibly Native
(A) - Alien or Garden Escape
(PA) - Probable Alien or Garden Escape

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Alliaceae Onion  and Garlic Family Alliaceae Images