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Euphorbiaceae - Spurge Family (Euphorbiaceae Images)
Euphorbia amygdaloides subspecies amygdaloides
- Wood Spurge (N)

Euphorbia amygdaloides subspecies robbiae
- Turkish Wood Spurge (A)

Euphorbia characias subspecies wulfenii
- Mediterranean Spurge

Euphorbia cyparissias - Cypress Spurge (PN)
Euphorbia exigua - Dwarf Spurge (N)
Euphorbia griffithii - Griffith's Spurge (A)
Euphorbia helioscopia - Sun Spurge (N)
Euphorbia hyberna - Irish Spurge (N)
Euphorbia lathyrus - Caper Spurge
Euphorbia paralias - Sea Spurge (N)
Euphorbia peplus - Petty Spurge (N)
Euphorbia platyphyllos - Broad-leaved Spurge (N)
Euphorbia portlandica - Portland Spurge (N)
Euphorbia serrulata - Upright Spurge (N)

Mercurialis annua - Annual Mercury (N)
Mercurialis annua - Annual Mercury - hexaploid (A)
Mercurialis perennis - Dog's Mercury (N)

Ricinus communis - Castor oil plant (A)

(N) - Native Wildflower
(PN) - Possibly Native
(A) - Alien or Garden Escape
(PA) - Probable Alien or Garden Escape

For the following species see 'Woody Plants'.
Euphorbia mellifera - Honey Spurge

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