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Hesperantha coccinea - Crimson Flag, River or Kaffir Lily (Iridaceae)
Crimson Flag or Kaffir Lily
Hesperantha coccinea
- flower 1

Crimson Flag or Kaffir Lily
Hesperantha coccinea
- flower 2

Crimson Flag or Kaffir Lily
Hesperantha coccinea
- flower 3

Hesperantha coccinea is the correct name for this species; the genus was very widely known as Schizostylis, but Schizostylis was a monotypic genus and cytological examination by Dr. Peter Goldblatt proved it should be included with Hesperantha.

This species has probably become the largest Hesperantha species; however those who who are familiar with the genus Hesperantha would easily accept the change in status.

Images taken of cultivated plants that were raised from seed from a South African source at The African Garden, Estover, Plymouth, Devon.

The actual images are of Hesperantha coccinea GL 144, collected by Grimshaw and Linden in South Africa.

Many many hybrids exist in cultivation and these usually come in shades of pink or pinky-red; white hybrids also exist but these tend to be weaker plants. The species is very easily naturalised given the right conditions.

For more images of Hesperantha and other South and Southern African bulbs visit The African Garden website.

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Hesperantha Schizostylis coccinea Crimson Flag River Kaffir Lily Iridaceae Images
The main objective of this website is in furthering environmental awareness and education through the medium of photography. To increase awareness and access to the flora of the region and help
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